Gorgeous Christmas Family Session at the station!

This family is beyound gorgeous.  They inspire me and support me.  They are family so when I say they are gorgeous I have absolutely no bias what so ever.  They love and give love.  They gave me my first coffee grounder this Christmas.  The gift was unexpected, which made it ever better, But that it was my most favorite gift of all.  The coffee the last couple of weeks have been divine!  So when I say they are a gorgeous lovely family it is because it is the total truth, not because they opened up this coffee lover to a whole new world of coffee goodness.  That is not the reason at all. 

I fell behind on sharing my sessions.  I was too busy.  And when I came up for air, I was mentally and emotionally drained for the holidays.  I have taken a breath of fresh air and am ready to start showing you some truly lovely family goodness.  Here is this lovely video for you.  It is every image.  It is quite long.  But can show you how a session with me is a go with the flow, lets have fun session. 

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Thank you to the family for their blessings in sharing their session, in all their silliness and perfect imperfections. 

And thank you for stopping by!