Beautiful Thanksgiving weekend Mom and Me Photography session in Anaheim by San Bernardino Family Photographer

There are many ways in which people become "successful."  Now I don't want to define hat successful to me means.  As that is another discussion.  What I want to focus on is the success I have had finding my style, finding my voice in photography.  Over the years I expect my voice or song ebb and flow, but in order to find it you must first have some training.   My training, my editing mentor, and funding board is a wonderful woman and excellent photographer.  She creates stunning portraits and has given me so much of her time and energy teaching me how to hone in the vision.  She is a big reason why I didn't give up.  She was a big reason I didn't let my failures wane on my drive.  Jennifer of Jennifer Whilhite Photography  is among my favorite people in the world. 

We had the opportunity to meet up during thanksgiving weekend.  We shot for each other and she let me use her canon 70-200mm lens.  More on that later.  I needed new headshots for this website- something that truly shows who I am.  And she was wanting some portraits of her with her children.  She offered some guidance with the beast lens.  A lens I struggled to hold.  My first time with the lens and I was under the gun of my mentor.  She was graceful and kind.  I missed a few shots, and I messed others up. I have decided it is not the lens for me.  However, when I did rock the shot it was truly amazing. 

Here are the favorites from this session.  


I want to thank Jennifer for giving me the honor to create for her.  For witnessing her play with her children.  It was truly a sight to behold.