Newborn Baby Boy born the week of Christmas by San Bernardino Photographer done in In-Home Studio

I have been posting gorgeous images of this baby boy all over social media but have yet to share him here.  I used to be so scared of newborn photography and the responsibility it was to preserve the memories of some one's brand new baby.  The idea that these are some of the most important portraits a mother can own...  My goodness it is a lot.

Some sessions I feel like I rock them.  That everything went so well.  This was one of those sessions.  The baby was a little over 8 pounds of baby boy goodness and chunk of love sweetness.  He slept.  He was content.  And oh did I enjoy him.  Parents wish to remain anonymous.  But here are his amazing portraits.  

Wasn't he just so scrumptious?!  Oh I struggled to not cuddle him and squeeze him.  He is stunning.  Love the mix of portraiture and documentary.  You are seeing retouched and soft edit images.  Some left in all their natural goodness and others retouched.  

Please leave some love for this baby boy!