A 8 month old Halloween Costume Session in the Home Studio

I had a quick Mini session with an adorable little man.  I pulled out my newborn photography back drops and captured this little boy in his dinosaur costume with both natural and studio lighting!  

I had a blast!  And I totally adore these images! 

That Smile
That baby boy!
Gorgeous Boy
Awe Darling Baby boy
Standing already
That Monster Butt
Too Cool
Some Harvest Pretties
Really Mom?
Gorgeous Black and White baby in dinosaur costume
So sweet
Pumpkin Butt Oh My heart

And that was a halloween mini in my studio!  He looks darling.  And I am very jealous as I have always wanted pumpkin butts hanging in my home. 

Thank you to the mommy who brought him to me! 

And thank you!  Please leave a comment or heart to let me know you were here!