Downtown Senior Photography session of young lady from hemet by San Bernardino Based Photographer

Gorgeous young lady in her senior portraits in in a downtown session! Class of 2019!

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Downtown Senior Portrait Photography Session For young Man in Redlands by San Bernardino based Photographer

Gorgeous young man in his senior photography portrait session! Class of 2019!

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Gorgeous Hemet Family in a photography session in Redlands California by San Bernardino based Photographer

Gorgeous family in this lovely session by San Bernardino photographer in a park in redlands ca.

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Field Sessions in San Bernardino this February Weekend

Every weekday I drive by these gorgeous hills covered in green grass.  Green!  With our drought here in Southern California I felt each blade of grass calling to me.  I wanted to walk through it and let my hands caress the tops like when I was a child and played in fields for hours unsupervised in the 80's childhood kind of way.  And so I did.  But I brought my boys.  And I will took these documentary style photos that I fell in love with.  

I shared with you the images--  But I went a step further and created a video.  I will eventually take the video down off the main part of my website- so I wanted to blog it.

Please enjoy this video of my beautiful boys playing in the grass, supervised.