It happened to me

I had the most beautiful session of my twin boys in fields of yellow flowers and they were so cute and so perfect.  I was lucky enough to print some canvases, but had yet to move the digitals to my backup.  Along with not moving portraits to the back up was another maternity session.  

And because I was busy and side tracked and multi tasking, and had sessions not backed up I decided Monday was the day I would spill a full cup of coffee on my work computer.  In a few seconds my very expensive laptop was destroyed.  I lost 6 months of images of my children and family, and I lost a maternity session.   It was a costly and horrible mistake.  

It sucked. 

This too shall pass.  

Reshooting the maternity session today! At least, she didn't have the baby and I have an opportunity to rectify this part of my mistake.