A gorgeous Mother and son portrait photography session in Anaheim hills by San Bernardino Photographer

There are moments during a photography journey when you look back and decide that a session was a defining moment.  A session that you look at it and are in awe of your own work. That yes you can find the technical flaws and places to improve but the vision.  Th vision, the dream, the essence of the session was perfect and this session here.  This is one of those sessions for me this year.  I look at this session and think- I want to shoot like this every time.  I want to capture this more.  So I share with you a stunning session.  A defining portrait session that will inspire many but mostly myself.  

If every mother could have a portrait session like this one to fill our walls with the why's.  Why we love like we do.  Why we will fold the laundry. Why we make dinner after dinner, and why we clean the same messes and calm the same fights.  If portraits like these filled our walls, we could take our deep breaths, and eat our chocolate candy bars while staring at portraits of us embracing motherhood, eximplifying motherhood. And our children would be smiling at us just like this- reminding us that this too shall pass and soon the moments of sweet bliss smelling our deliciously dirty kids hair and taking deep calming breaths in between reading one book for the billionth time and another book for the millionth time.  Every mother needs portraits like these, of ourselves, mothering.  

This Mother is by far a very lucky and happy mother.  We should all go to her home and eat our chocolate bars there. 

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