Beautiful Chino Hills Newborn Baby girl Photographed By San Bernardino Photographer

This gorgeous baby girl visited my home studio.  

I have four boys and some pets.  This was by far the most embarrassing non professional photography session that I have had at my home.  I am laughing about it now but I thought I would die when it was happening.  The dog was barking.  The cat had explosive poopies that smelled horrible and to top it all off my dear giant rabbit was on the living room table eating the snacks I had set out for these lovely parents.  Oh my goodness.  I just wanted to run away.  But they took my misfortune in stride, and well, here is their beautiful baby girl...  

The beautiful blog of images are up next. 

I want to thank the parents for baring with me.  For their understanding.  And for their blessing in sharing these images of their baby girl with you.