Newborn Twins: Baby Boy and Baby Girl Portrait Photography Session in Ontario California by San Bernardino Photographer

There is very little in the world that holds true meaning.  Love and family is what this life boils down to.  With all the distractions this life has to offer it is easy to loose sight on what matters.  But when a baby enters the world and carves it's place into it's family's life and love- that is when life becomes clear.  That is when life blossoms like a flower- the color becoming so clear and so vibrant.  

This family brings home two colors- two vibrant lives that are so easily loved.  Whose light can shine upon anything imaginable.  A celebration of light and love and family through a small video made of this family's portrait photography session showcasing these two brilliant lights.  These two babies were much yearned for.  They are a dream finally come true.  Their lives hold joy and promise.  

I truly hope you love these images as much as me.  Please take a second and leave a comment or a heart and let me know you were here.  

Thank you to this lovely couple for choosing my photography art to capture their most precious memories and document their beautiful babies.  And for the blessings to share.