April Featured Images By San Bernardino Photographer Nature's Reward Photography

So I active on Facebook.  It is usually a way in which I mingle with other photographers around the world.  I stalk certain photographers, and pick up tips and tricks, and critiques to improve my photography skills and my images as a whole. In fact there is a lot of activity on Facebook for photographers to mingle. 

An important part to me is the photographer groups that peers of high skill and know how judge submissions from across the world to receive a feature.  It is not always that I submit to these pages- as they truly are intimidating.  The skill, creativity and artful captures wows and amazes me.  I am always in disbelief when one of my images receives nominations to be featured.  This month I submitted 2 images.  And have been featured twice.  I thought I would share with you those features.

Any Day Now

Negative talk is so much easier to me.  Tooting my own horn is so hard!  But here it goes- Toot! Toot!   These are great images and I am so happy to been featured by these amazing pages!