Motherhood Portrait Sessions

Motherhood- Mom and Me, Mommy portraits!  

One of my top priorities to capture mothers with their children.  We are too often not in the frame- we are usually behind the camera.  We too often give our excuses why we should not be in the frame.  From not being dressed to not feeling confident about our bodies.  I am so guilty of this.  I feel 25 in my heart and mind- but I look at images of myself and I don't recognize that person there.  I see all my changes.  But imagery with mom in it isn't exactly for us moms is it?  No not really.  Whether we like them or not- whether it was miracle that day and our images made us feel pretty, or we were rocking that dress with a great hair day and lost that 10 lbs in a month so we could fit in that size 10 dress or jeans and looked great- the images still are not for us.   They are for our children.  Because when we are no longer are able to tell them those sweet stories of their childhood, and remind them of their Pinterest worthy birthday party we put a whole month into planning and captured 100 iPhone images of it- in which we were only in 2 images and they were selfies that our kids were too busy to actually stop, and weren't looking in each one! But, there are like 45 with dad and his great big smile looking great and completely engaged in the party and kids- and we know all he did was stuff the piƱata while he complained about the candy not being a great quality while simultaneously gasping about the amount of money we spent.  See I am a mom too.  I know there are no great images of me.  When I go I want them to be able to remember that I held them, and smiled wide and with abandon at their joy.  I want them to have something of me.  I want yours to have something of you too.  So if mothers day in your home is anything like my home- your loving hubs will wait until the Saturday before mothers day and ask you what you want for mothers day- and really we all want to sit in a spa all day with a good book and not be a mom that day- but we can't say that, so we will say instead, "a new dress that actually fits me and pictures of me with my kids." And then he will make you breakfast Sunday morning and clean up the dishes- the third time this year he has done them, and then watch the kids while you go to 4 stores to try on dresses, none of which you will feel great in, but go back to the first store to buy that second dress you put on.  Then come see me the following Saturday to take beautiful pictures of you kissing noses, while one hides in your skirt ad the other dances in circles....  I see the vision.  Come make it a reality and this mothers day get something you truly want- pictures to leave your children of you being a loving and joyful mother. 

Details on site. May 20th 2 locations.  Click the Above link!  Hugs ladies- I will see you soon!

Hey dads- Get a hold of me and surprise her instead!  Make it a mothers day that she feels cherished by wanting to document her beauty and love.  Gift certificates available to present her with her Mother's Day breakfast!