Family Photography Session in Redlands Ca. Near Riverside and Yucaipa

Photography is the one place in your life that investment is a must.   You can capture your day to day moments with your children with you smart phone, but in the end to be absent from all those images will be a heartbreak.  Your children will one day live without you- Leave them with a tangible memory to help them remember your smile, the way your eyes crinkled or your smile was off center, or how you let your hair fall in your face when you laughed....  Leave them with a a way to look back and remember and share your love and the way you loved with their children.  Print your images, have some non-posed images in your session so your children can see in a photograph 20 years from now how you looked at them with love.  These times are fleeting.   What is the first thing you would pack if you thought you were about to loose your home to fire...  would you try to save the fridge?  The T.V?  Both big investments, but i doubt it.  You would secure some clothing, your jewelry, and then your pictures.  You should adore your photographers work, you should not skimp on this!  They will be valued beyond most of your possessions.  

This special family will have these images to remember always.  And I loved this session- especially the way the youngest smiles with his eyes closed- like he is savoring every smile. 

Sibling Image Photograph
family image
Just those Gorgeous faces
Little Boys Portrait
Pre-teen Portrait
Little Girl Portrait
Little Girl Portrait
Couple Portrait
family portrait- pinterest inspired
family portrait
Young Boy Portrait
Young Girl Portrait
Young Lady Portrait- she looks like a pixie
Tween Portrait
My favorite candid family portrait
Gorgeous Candid family Portrait
Candid family portrait
family portrait
family Portrait

This was my last family session of the year!  I could not be more happy that it was with this lovely lady and her gorgeous family.  This gal has been with me from the beginning.  I can not thank you enough for your support.  Seeing your faces every year and how your children have grown has been a great pleasure  and an honor.  Thank you so much dear friend.  

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