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Payment Plan

I do my best to provide you with the best of service.  I do understand what mitigating life is with a budget in mind.  If you would like to put your portrait order on a payment plan I would be happy to assist you.  Here is what to expect

A Paypal Invoice that is active for 90 days maximum. 

A good faith payment of $50 immediately after the invoice is sent. 

Providing dates and amounts that you will be making payments to the invoice. 

No portraits will be released until the session is paid.  If you are Grow With Us Session plan holder, your next session will happen on time, but no gallery will be viewed until your payment plan has been paid for completely.  

If you do not complete your payment plan the photographer will choose images to fulfill the order to the amount paid.  Smaller packages include images that are more expensive- you will be held to the dollar amount that most matches the amount paid..

*If you fail to make any payments on your portrait selections, your portraits will be archived for 6 months.  This means they will be saved in only one place.  If that external hard drive fails, is damaged, lost or any other mishap and your portraits are unable to be retrieved - this is at no fault to photographer as you have failed to make any attempt to render payment for them.  If you fail to make any payment and your portraits are archived and they are retrievable.  There will be a $50 archival fee.  

Any portraits not purchased are deleted after 1 year.  

Starting a payment plan is agreement of these terms. 


Thank you!