Gorgeous Maternity Photography Session of Ontario, ca. Residents in Redlands Ca. By San Bernardino Photographer

Lovely Maternity Photography Session!  

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Maternity and Newborn Southern California Photographer

There were never great images taken of me when I was pregnant with all of my boys.  I never felt beautiful.  I always felt so big, so very unpretty.  My nose was bigger,  How does that happen? My hips got wider, my stomach was ginormous- I just felt so unpretty.  But you know I look at women who are pregnant and see nothing but beauty. I see life.  I see mother.  I see what I was but could never ever recognize in myself.  I wish with all of my heart I put on a gorgeous gown and showed off my belly with pride and confidence.  I wish it as much as I wish I had gotten professional images taken of my newborns that are not from Walmart.  I have Walmart photos of my newborns.  I have disposable camera images of my babies.  I have phones filled with images.  And then I worked my heart off and poured everything I have in myself to become a photographer.  Now I have gorgeous images of my children.

Don't live with my regrets.  Invest in your memories.  Invest in your life.  Invest in your beauty.  Let me be your photographer that captures your beauty. 

family photography session in Riverside, Ca by San Bernardino Photographer

family photography session in riverside, ca by san bernardino photographer.  

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Lovely Family from Yucaipa Photography Session By San Bernardino Photographer in Redlands, California

I adored this family session!  There were posed and documentary images!  Please click the link to view this gorgeous session! 

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