The most loving GrandParent and Grand Children Portrait photography session in Redlands, Ca. by San Bernardino Maternity, Newborn and Family photographer

There are a few people in my life that have pushed me to continue going in this art field.  There are other wonderful people you have guided me to become better at my craft and at my business.  And then there is this wonderful lady.  Years ago I was starting my path on photography.  I created sets  and this lovely woman brought her grandsons to my halloween mini. I look back at these portraits that I once loved and think, "what was I thinking?" The photos are not that great, but when I took I loved them and thought they were all priceless.  Artist grow.  Photographers grow.  This wonderful woman has been loving on my work since that day.  As my art has bloomed and become truly a professional level, her love and gracious support has been there.  I can not thank her enough for being a person I can count on to "like" a portrait.  

Most years I do giveaways on my social media.  Where I create contests to win a free session.  One year I gave mini session to our police officers, and last year I gave mini's to our firemen.  This year as I was brainstorming how I would give back to my community, there was that notification saying Deborah had commented on my portrait.  And it dawned on me, she should have a session.  A session that she had tried to book last year, but was too booked to fit her in.  So when, she asked to book, I gifted her the session.  Who better to receive a free session but my number 1 fan!  

Here is her session.  

Thank you so much Deborah for all your support and love.  Your encouragement has gotten me through invisible days- days where I felt done, days where I felt like no one sees me, days where I felt alone in this journey.  Thank you for loving my work and making time to show me you see me. You are a guiding light.